If you've moved into a new home and are expecting a new furniture delivery, here are some steps you can take whilst you're waiting for it to arrive.

Prep the floor areas on which the furniture will be placed

It's important to ensure that the floor areas on which the furniture will be placed after it's delivered are prepped beforehand. Unless your home is brand new, there is likely to be quite a bit of dust on the floors, as well as perhaps grime that has accumulated in areas where the previous occupants kept furniture that they rarely moved. It's best to clean these areas thoroughly, with a vacuum, mop or steam-cleaner, before the arrival of the new furniture.

This is particularly important to do if the furniture items you're having delivered are large (for example, if you've ordered a king-size bed or six-seater sofa). The reason for this is that these items will be difficult for you to move around after the deliverymen have put them in their places, and so if they place them on unclean floors, you'll then have to put up with your brand new furniture being left on these dirty surfaces until you can get someone to help you move them and clean the flooring underneath them. By dusting and, where necessary, mopping or steam-cleaning the floors of your new home before the delivery, you can ensure that your pristine new furniture is placed on equally-pristine floors.

Prep your doorways or property entrances for the delivery of any large furniture pieces

The furniture company who is delivering your furniture items may have already asked for the dimensions of your new home's doorways and property entrances (if some of the items are large enough that they could get stuck in them). If you've done this and have found that the width of certain furniture items is either equal to or exceeds the width of any of these areas, and the furniture company is unable to disassemble these items to make them smaller, then you'll need to prep the too-small doorways and entrances.

You might, for example, need to remove some of the door frames. Alternatively, if you'll be redecorating your new home anyway, you might want to simply sand down the door frames so the door openings are just wide enough to allow the deliverymen to carry the big furniture pieces through them. If the new property's gate is too narrow, you might also need to take it off its hinges until after the delivery has been made. 

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