Making moving day easier for your household removalists is a good idea for many reasons. Whether you want to reduce your own stress levels, help out your movers or simply ensure the day goes smoothly, this guide offers three ways to make your moving day as easy as possible.

Be Specific about the Size of the Job

The first thing you can do to make moving day easier for your removalists is to be specific when booking them. Explain how much furniture you have, how many rooms you're packing up, and how far apart your old and new houses are. There's nothing worse than moving day taking longer than expected, or having to pay extra fees because the movers expected less stuff. You should also specify if you have any particular needs when moving – for example, a piano to move or an expensive collection of ornaments that need to be handled separately. Being specific about the job allows your movers to allocate the right amount of time to your move, as well as bring an appropriate van. This will prevent stress on moving day for everyone involved.

Prepare Your Furniture for Moving

Unless you've agreed in advance that your furniture removalists will help you prepare your furniture, it's best to prepare it in advance. This will save time and help your movers stick to the schedule. Make sure cabinets and chests of drawers are empty or tape them closed if you're moving them full. Remove all the cushions from your sofa, take all the sheets and pillows off your bed and remove the headboard if possible. If your table needs to be taken apart to move it, then do so. Try to remember whether all of your furniture fits through your doorways – if not, disassemble it. This will allow your movers to move your furniture as efficiently as possible.

Label Your Possessions Effectively

You can also help moving day to go smoothly for both yourself and your movers by clearly labelling your boxes and furniture. Real Simple explains that you should number each box and keep an inventory list so you know what's in each box. This means you won't have to waste time searching through boxes for a specific item. You could also try a colour-coding system – for example, everything with a green tag goes into the kitchen on arrival. Don't forget to clearly label any boxes that are fragile to prevent accidents.

By providing specific, accurate information in advance of moving day, taking time to prepare your furniture, and accurately labelling your boxes, you can ensure that your movers can work efficiently without stress or delays. Contact a furniture removalist in your area for more information.