Do you intend to move your office? Perhaps you want to relocate to a larger building or another city. Below are some office removal tips that can help. 

Declutter Your Office

Conduct an office inspection to identify faulty electronics, broken furniture, dysfunctional fittings and old documents that you no longer need. These items will occupy a significant amount of space in the removals truck. Moving with them will only increase the cost of removals. Therefore, you should sell them, donate them or throw them away.

Visit Your New Premises

Visit your new premises to identify the following: 

  • Does the office require any renovation work? For instance, you may need to repaint the premises or repair faulty plumbing systems.
  • What is the office layout? Knowing this will help you decide how to plan the new office space.
  • Do the premises have a wide entrance, staircase and elevators? If not, the removalist may require a hoist or forklift to move your items.
  • Identify a suitable parking slot for the removals truck. If you plan to move at night, inform the property manager. 

Hire A Removalist

Hire a removalist to execute the move. Below are some tips to help you hire a removalist. 

  • The removalist should have positive reviews from previous clients. This helps you know that you will receive quality services.
  • He or she should inspect your office to decide on the type of equipment and the number of personnel required to execute the move.
  • Examine the terms and conditions of the removalist. For example, does he or she transport valuables? Does the removalist provide storage space?
  • Compare the pricing policy of removalists in your locality. For instance, some will offer discounts if you are a senior adult or a former army officer.
  • If you want to move on a budget, consider removalists that provide backloading services.
  • When moving interstate or to another country, work with professionals permitted to work outside your state. 

Create A Removals Timeline

The removals timeline is a document explaining how you should prepare for the office removals. For example, you will need to inform the property manager of your intent to relocate. Ask the removalist to appraise your items and take an appropriate removals insurance cover. You will need to purchase cartons if the removalist does not provide packing boxes. Additionally, you should hire a permanent or temporary storage unit when moving into a temporary location. Besides, work with your removalist to choose an appropriate route. 

When moving your office, declutter the premises, inspect your new office, work with an experienced removalist and create a removals timeline.