A removalist, also known as a mover, is a professional who helps businesses and homeowners with relocating. Hiring a removalist ensures your belongings are safe and insured. It also reduces moving expenses and saves time. Here are some of the services to expect from removalists. 

Packing and Loading

Full-service movers will pack all your belongings in labelled boxes. What's more, they will supply all the packing supplies and materials. They also expertly and securely pack valuable and fragile items in safe boxes to prevent breakage.

Removalists also disassemble large items such as furniture for easy moving. After everything has been properly packed, the movers will load everything into their moving trucks. The process of loading items on the truck requires skill; otherwise, you may end up ruining fragile items. The removalists will tactfully arrange your items on the truck to ensure nothing is destroyed.

Transportation, Unloading, and Unpacking

Many people struggle with transporting belongings to their new premises because of finding a vehicle that will accommodate everything and also due to fuel costs. Removalists also offer transportation services. The movers will give you a delivery schedule so you know when your belongings will arrive.

Once you and the movers have arrived at your new place, the removalists will offload your items. They will take precautions to ensure that walls, flooring, and the belongings are protected from damage. They will unpack and arrange your things according to your instructions. If your new office or home has debris or is not cleaned up, you can count on movers to have these tasks completed. Some removalists may be in contact with cleaners and will refer you to a professional cleaning service.

Removalists also take inventory of all the items. This is because some people prefer to pack some things by themselves and leave the rest to the movers. The movers will take measures of keeping track of what they are in charge of moving to ensure everything is accounted for. In case anything is destroyed or misplaced moving services are insured and will compensate you accordingly.


Moving can be a daunting experience that involves activities such as packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. While you can handle some of the work by yourself, it is preferable to leave moving tasks to professionals. Removalists can handle the entire relocation as you focus on other activities. Furthermore, hiring movers is cheaper and saves a lot of time. For more information about furniture removals, contact a professional.