Moving house late at night can be more challenging than doing so during the day. If you have no other option but to move after dark, you might find that these tips help you to handle this difficult process.

Invest in a head torch

One of the most useful gadgets you can buy in this situation is a head torch. Whilst you might feel faintly ridiculous whilst wearing it, this torch will enable you to see the path in front of you when walking out of your house in the dark and towards the moving van, all whilst carrying boxes.

This is crucial, as lugging large boxes around at night without a light source could be very dangerous. You could, for example, trip walking down some steps if you cannot see anything in front of you. Using a handheld flashlight in this situation would not make the moving process safer, as you would then have to hold a box with one hand whilst using your other hand to grip the flashlight. Handling the box in this manner could easily lead to you dropping it.

This is why head torches can be so useful. If you decide to buy this gadget, you should check that the batteries you put into it are working the day before you will be moving, as this will ensure that if they are not, you will have time to go to a shop and buy new ones before you need to start using the torch.

Take steps to illuminate the interior of the moving van before the removalist starts loading items into it

Because most house moves take place during the day, the moving vans used by removalists often don't have lights in their storage container areas (as there usually no need for them). If this is the case with the van that your removalist will be using, then you should do what you can to illuminate the interior before you give them the go-ahead to begin loading things into this vehicle.

The reason for this is as follows: it will be difficult for this professional to load the van correctly if they have to work in the dark. Without any source of light, it might take them a lot longer than normal to strap down pieces of furniture. Additionally, they may not be able to read the labels on the boxes and organise them in the container according to their contents; this is something that removalists usually do, to prevent items that should not be stored close together (like food items and household cleaning products) from coming into contact with one another during transit.

As such, you must do your best to illuminate the container so they can do their job correctly and efficiently. You can do this by, for instance, hanging battery-operated string lights on the interior walls of the van's storage container, and placing one or two portable camping lanterns on the floor of this space. Talk with your removalist to learn more about what they would recommend you do if your move will need to take place at night.