Moving from one house to another can be quite stressful. Most homeowners have a sudden realization of just how much stuff they have and how many things they need to remember. Moving interstate presents an added challenge given the added activities to remember.

So, in addition to making sure you have everything (and everyone) packed up and that you have chosen a reliable removals company, here are a few things you should specifically remember when moving interstate.

Leave the manuals behind

If you live in a rented home or you are selling your current home, there are some things that will be important for the person coming in after you. These include instruction manuals for permanent fixtures like the garage door, air conditioner and pool system. Remember to leave the remote controls for all these fixtures behind as well.

Take care of the rates and utilities

Make sure to inform your current suppliers of water, electricity and gas of your intentions to move out so they disconnect their services. This should ideally be done 5 days to the actual moving date. If you haven't paid off all your bills by the time you move, there is no need to worry. The readings will be done and a bill forwarded to your new address. Don't forget to have the same utilities connected in your new home, if you haven't already. This also requires a 5 day notice to allow the companies to set up.

Your cable or satellite TV provider and your Internet Service Provider also need to be notified of your move. Find out if their services are available where you are moving to. If not, read through your contract with them to find out what their terms for termination are, as you may have to pay a penalty.

Remember to clear your newspaper delivery account and to redirect your mail to your new address. You could leave a forwarding address with the new occupant of your old home so your mail doesn't keep being returned to sender.

You also need to ensure that your council government is aware of your move; both the council you're moving from and where you are moving to. This is important if you are a homeowner since you need to clear the council rates for where you're moving from and find out the status of the payments for where you are moving to. However, if you are a tenant, then you need not concern yourself with this.

License and registration

Each state has different requirements with regard to licensing and registration. Therefore, you need to find out what changes you need to make to your driver's license, vehicle registration and car insurance. You may also need to change your motoring association membership. These are critical in ensuring that you can commute without any inconvenience in the new state.

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