When you make the decision to move house, you should start planning as early as possible. There are certain tasks that people often forget about, but that are an important part of the planning process. Here are some tasks to make sure you do before the moving date arrives.

Order Extra Packaging Supplies

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have extra packaging supplies. You will end up needing more than you think you need, regardless of the size of your home. A common mistake made by people moving is when they are halfway through packing and realise they don't have enough tape or have the wrong size boxes. Start gathering supplies early, starting with the basics like cardboard boxes, packing tape, markers for labelling boxes, and scissors. Try to make it easier on yourself by getting tape dispensers that cut the tape automatically.

Get a wide range of box sizes. Don't just use your old cardboard boxes, as they might be too flimsy for heavier items. Start with sturdy, high-quality boxes. Also don't forget some plastic storage bins for items you don't want to keep in cardboard boxes, especially if some items are going to storage. Also have plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap for protecting fragile items.

Get Furniture Covers

Another thing that is commonly forgotten is having protection for your different furniture items. Whether furniture is going into a moving truck, your own pickup truck, or a storage unit, you need to protect it. Consider the types of furniture you have and ways you can give it a little extra protection. For example, your mattresses are prone to bed bugs and other pests, so covering them with mattress bags is highly recommended. These are available at home improvement stores and moving companies. You may also want to cover your wood furniture in plastic furniture wraps or simply cover them in blankets to protect them while in the truck. Leather furniture should also be covered to prevent scratches and tears.

Handle Utilities

You will also need to deal with utilities not only at your old home but the new location as well. Decide when you want to have the utilities shut off at your current residence. If you wait too long, you might forget to turn them off and end up with a bill even after you have moved out and settled into your new home. With the new residence, it helps to set them up before you arrive if possible. At the very least, make sure the electricity and water is turned on and ready to go. Even better if you can get phone, Internet, and cable service before moving.