The process of moving house, whether to a different neighbourhood or different city altogether, can be both arduous as well as tedious. This is especially true if you plan on embarking on the entire process on your own. As such, more and more people are opting for removalists' services to ease the burden of moving house. However, not many homeowners keep in mind the different considerations you would need to contemplate. As such, they end up selecting the first company they come across and this could lead to unsatisfactory results. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind before enlisting removalist services.

Enquire about their accreditation from AFRA

AFRA refers to the Australian Furniture Removal Association. This association works toward ensuring all removalists meet stipulated standards when carrying out their services. The standards cover a range of components associated with moving, such as the type of equipment they will use, the type of training their personnel has, the types of vehicles they employ and more. Opting for a removalist company that has been accredited by AFRA gives you a guarantee of professionalism during your moving process.

Enquire about the costs associated with the move

Moving house does not incur one flat rate across the board. There are different factors that will dictate the different price points that the various removalist companies will use. Enquiring about the costs associated with the move will make you better placed at making an appropriate decision on whether the removalist company's quotes will be cost effective for your needs. Some of the different factors that would influence the cost of your move will include:

The amount of transit insurance: Transit insurance is a policy that will cover anything that is being moved by the removalist company. This will include the furniture, household appliances and more. Some companies may not charge you for transit insurance if all they will be handling is your furniture. However, if you expect them to transport other items, it would be best to enquire about the transit insurance beforehand.

The number of items being moved: Removalist companies primarily deal with furniture. However, this does not mean that they will exclude household items, garments and other belongings. The quantity of belongings that you would like relocated can therefore play a part in incurring additional costs. This is due to the fact that the more the items, the more labour that will be spent on packing and unpacking the items. It will also cost the removalist company more to provide additional packaging for your other belongings. To be on the safe side, always enquire about whether the quantity of items will affect the price of the move.