Office relocations are activities often underestimated by businesses in Australia and globally. Moving office is usually a demanding exercise and can be hectic at times if proper plans are not laid out. It is therefore important to plan ahead and perform activities that will make the process easy and fast while minimizing loss of office items, business or customers. Here is a checklist that helps office relocations regardless of the type of business or location.

Plan Early Enough

Early planning is a sure way of success in the process of office relocations. The process should start by appointment of a relocation coordinator. There is no need to move with office equipment that needs replacing, so listing those that need to be upgraded and replaced is vital. Make a list of business stationery and letterheads, signage and websites that need amendment. You should also be sure to ascertain the security of the new premises to avoid unnecessary risks. Clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders should be alerted in advance and given the dates for moving, the premises location and mailing addresses. This should also be communicated to the members of staff. Finally, confirmation of office relocation date should be done with the moving company.

Arrangement for Disconnection and Reconnection of Necessary Services

Disconnecting services on the current premises and connecting the same on the new premises should be done flawlessly. Such services include electricity, water, telephone, computer communications such as modems and routers. Fax machines should be changed to reflect the new numbers while mobile phones and mail services should conform to the changes.

More Notifications

When office relocation date has been confirmed, all the other stakeholders should be notified. Insurance service providers, solicitors, brokers, banks, suppliers, credit card service providers, couriers, cleaners and gardeners, as well as every other individual or company of interest should be notified. This may require buying space on the local dailies, Television and radio. This should also be communicated on social media and company websites.

Just Before Moving

The final moving details should be confirmed with the mover and shared with all the staff. Make the necessary labels as per the new premises' plan and with the help of the mover. Take care of loading zones, parking lot, lifts and other elements that would serve to park the equipment nicely. Inform the landlord on your moving developments. The staff should pre-visit the new premises for familiarization. Make final confirmation for new equipment, storage and distribution to other offices within the new premises. Start moving as soon as all the necessary steps have been taken successfully.

With the right planning, office relocation should not be a hectic exercise. It only needs proper and careful step-by-step and well articulated moves. There many experienced movers in Australia to sample from.