Moving is a stressful procedure for everybody involved. The procedure of moving is long, as the preparations for moving should take place many weeks before the actual moving day. Having a schedule planned for your moving day could help you decrease the stress about moving, and also make the procedure more effective. If you're about to move, there are some things you should consider when it comes to planning.

One month before

One month before moving, you should make sure you have all the arrangements for travelling ready. If you're flying, or travelling by any type of commercial transport, you should have made sure to book the tickets by now. You should also make sure to notify any authorities that you will be changing address soon. This is especially important when it comes to notifying your family's dentist or doctor, as they also might be able to refer you to a doctor or dentist in the area that you're moving to. You should also hire a furniture removalist firm like Jacks Moving Services by now to make sure you'll get the company you want for the time when you want it.

Two weeks before

By now, you should've confirmed all the arrangements made with the furniture removalist firm and all the tickets you might need to move. By now, you should also start to consider what you need to pack. Purchase cardboard boxes, tape, and other items you need to safely store your belongings. You should also evaluate what type of filling you need to store anything in the moving truck. Gather old blankets and pieces of cloth that the furniture removalist company can use to protect the items that are going into the moving truck.

One week before

One week before the actual moving day, you should start packing everything you have in your house. Only leave the things you absolutely need to live the last week you're living in your current home. Measure doorways to make sure all the items you need removed fit through them. This will save you a lot of hassle on moving day if it turns out any of your furniture is too big for the doors. Make sure you mark all the boxes with which room they're going to, to make it easier for the furniture removalist company when they need to place your items in your new home. If you have pets, make sure you have made all necessary arrangements regarding their move as well. If you've hired a pet transportation firm, you should double check the arrangement by now to make sure they're aware of what time schedule they have to work with.