Storing your furniture in a self-storage unit can help when you're in between residences or when you've downsized your home but aren't ready to part with everything you own. No matter your reasons for choosing a self-storage unit, you want to ensure you get one that fits your furniture and keeps it protected. Note a few factors to consider when making your choice.

1. Climate controlled

A climate controlled unit doesn't necessarily mean that you can control the temperature of the unit, but it does mean that the facility themselves will have some type of control. Heaters or air conditioners may run through an entire length of the facility and keep the indie temperature within a certain range. This is so that frost doesn't develop during winter months and so that humidity is also controlled during summertime. This is especially important for furniture storage, as fabric can allow for moisture to develop, which leads to mold and mildew growth.

2. Authorized entry

An added security feature for a self-storage unit is one that only allows for authorized entry by those you designate to have access. Some may simply give you a pass card and this allows you to unlock a gate to the facility, but if the pass card gets stolen, anyone can enter your unit by simply cutting the outside lock. A facility that only allows authorized entry will ensure that your furniture and other household goods are as secure as possible.

3. On-site management

Many facilities will have on-site management, or someone who actually lives in an apartment on the grounds such as above the office area. This too can provide for added security as they will be able to monitor the facility against break-ins, fire, and other such dangers. This also ensures you can access the facility without issue at any time, even if you lose your pass card or other means of entering.

4. Insurance

Does the facility where you might rent a unit offer added insurance? If so, this can protect you if something does get damaged while being stored. Added insurance can mean being reimbursed if your furniture should collect mold and mildew or otherwise be damaged by the weather, or if it should get stolen from your unit. Usually it's cheaper to buy this insurance from the facility as they can simply roll it into the price of the rental itself, so it's more affordable than trying to buy a new, separate policy from an outside company.