Although self storage gives you a convenient way of storing things you don't need, you do have to pay to hire space. Self storage companies may work to a fixed rate card, but there are ways you can save money on your storage costs.

Only Store What You Need

When you hire a self storage locker or unit, you pay for its size. Unless you're 100% convinced that you need to keep every item you're planning to store, it's worth culling things you don't actually need any more before you hire space. This may allow you to hire a smaller unit, which is likely to reduce your storage fees.

Use Location to Save Money

Not all self storage units are equal. Some come with extra benefits such as direct vehicle access to their doors, which may increase their costs. While it may be convenient to be able to drive up to your unit and drop off or load items, think about whether you really need this benefit. If you're willing to put in a little more unloading and loading effort, you may be able to reduce your hire costs by taking an internal unit on an upper floor.

Warning: Before you hire space, make the walk to the unit, checking out its lift facilities and access. You should be able to get your items to and from the unit easily. Many self storage companies allow you to use their trolleys, which should make it easier to move items.

In addition, according to SpaceOut, self storage companies in rural locations typically charge less than those in cities and major towns. If you don't need to access your storage regularly, you may get cheaper costs in an out-of-town or more remote location.

Look for Deals

To encourage new customers, some self storage companies offer deals or discounts that could reduce rate-card monthly costs. For example, you may be able to save money by agreeing to the following:

  • Longer contracts: Some companies may give you discounted rates if you commit to a longer term contract rather than paying per month.
  • Upfront payment: Some companies may reduce rates or give you a free month of storage if you're willing to prepay your costs at the start of your contract.

As well as storage deals, look for other offers for new customers. For example, storage companies may have introductory offers, such as the free use of trailers to help you move items in to storage.

Tip: Although saving money is a good thing, cost shouldn't be your only self storage concern. Make sure that the self storage facility you choose has good security measures in place to protect your possessions.